Jeremy Schatz for District 5 | The Plan
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The Plan

Birmingham is a great city. Birmingham is a growing city. But together, Birmingham can be an amazing city and can set an example for our state and country.

I’ve called Birmingham my home for much of my life. I’ve witnessed the city transform into a city alive with innovation, creativity, and diversity. However, as our city is growing, we seem to be growing farther apart. A city can only be as strong as the people who live in it, and the people that live in it are much stronger together.  Bringing us together is what cities were made to do.

Our government must provide the framework for success to all citizens no matter how much money they have, no matter what their gender, no matter what the color of their skin, no matter where they come from, no matter who they choose to spend their life with.

That framework must grow the middle class, be accountable and transparent, provide real opportunity to get out of poverty, encourage entrepreneurs, cultivate innovation, and provide an environment for businesses to thrive.

As your councilman, I plan to:

Bring transparency and accountability back to city hall. Without those two principals, the government cannot work for the people;

Prevent frivolous spending by ensuring that money spent benefits our city or its citizens, not the politicians;

Work with both the public and private sector to ensure that Birmingham workers receive a fair wage;

Work with educators to provide them with what they need to give our students the best opportunity for success;

Bridge the divide between the Mayor’s office and the council because, if our government is divided, we remain divided;

Push for economic growth in all neighborhoods of the 5th district;

Empower the people, not the politicians;

Cultivate innovation, and encourage entrepreneurs;

And give a voice to everyone within our district and embrace our diversity;

While all of this may not be achieved all at once, bit by bit, day by day, we can change our city to improve everyone’s lives.  This election, let’s show our current leaders that we will no longer be divided. That together, we can be better. That together, we deserve better, and that together, Birmingham will do better.


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