Jeremy Schatz for District 5 | The Movement
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The Movement

Our government should work in the interest of the people, not in the interest of those in government. Every voice of every citizen deserves to be heard.

However, many of our voices have been silenced – voices of love, not hate; voices of hope, not fear; voices of tolerance, not judgment; voices of unity, not division.

Birmingham, we can regain that voice. We can create a movement that says, we embrace our diversity, we want to hold our leaders accountable, and we are stronger together than divided. As a community, we can set the example for others to follow.

For our movement to be successful, everyone in D5 must see the importance and the power of our vote, especially in local elections. Change and progress start at home. If we continue to have weak turnout for our elections, we will continue to elect weak leaders.

So, if you believe in diversity and tolerance; if you believe the government should be held accountable; if you believe we are stronger together than divided; if you believe everyone deserves a voice; join our movement, a movement that moves Birmingham in a better direction.

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